The Manna Initiative aims at transforming negative experiences into purpose-filled, take-charge attitudes.

A subsidiary of Covenant Remnant Ministries, The Manna Initiative walks individuals through the techniques of exercising practical strategies that will cultivate their passions, elevate their drive, and be well on their way to not only discovering their purpose, but succeeding in it as well.

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The Manna Initiative

Listen as its founders and teachers give you a glimpse into this program through an upbeat and uplifting introduction.

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History Makers Training 2 The Next Level

History Makers Training 2 The Next Level

  History Makers Academy Presents: Title: History Makers Training 2 The Next Level Apart of the speakers seat: C.R.M The Manna Initiative Date: July 18th 2014 at 1:30pm Location: 61 Charles St, Oshawa, University of Ontario Institute of Technology – Downtown campus Room: DTA 212 Please email us for more information

Today’s Successful, Confident and Victorious Man

Today’s Successful, Confident and Victorious Man

CANCELLED History Makers Academy Presents: Title: Today’s Successful, Confident and Victorious Man. Apart of the speakers seat: C.R.M The Manna Initiative Date: July 26th  2014 at 1:30pm Location: 61 Charles St, Oshawa, University of Ontario Institute of Technology – Downtown campus Room: DTA 212   For More information or to order tickets please click here.    

Talk is Cheap

Talk is Cheap

As we all know there are many aspects of communicating such as body language, sign language and our speech. Our words are very important when communicating with others throughout our day. But many do not know how important using the correct words are in progressing in life to reach their maximum purpose. I always thoughtContinue Reading

Commanding Your Morning

Commanding Your Morning

I recently came across the book Commanding Your Morning by Cindy Trimm, courtesy of a really good friend.  As I read this book, it became very apparent that God has commanded His children to arise early, (long before the day begins), and to command or to take authority and dominion over their days.  Jesus isContinue Reading

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