1 plus 5= 2? Uhhh!!

1 plus 5= 2? Uhhh!!

They are many things in the world that remain a mystery, for example the architect of Egypt Pyramids and the complex Stonehenge in England. Some individuals try a life time to figure out ancient mysteries and continue to research it. But when individuals go through a journey of sacrifice it becomes a mystery in the process of completing it.

One plus one equals two but sometimes through a journey of sacrifice 1 plus 5 may equal two in God’s eyes because the journey and the process to get to the end may become very unique in nature. Through life experience I have some strategies that have helped me to stay the course till the end. Scripture says “For the LORD is watching over your journey.” Judges 18:6

  1. Never give up
  2. Every challenge there is victory
  3. Stay the course and receive clear vision
  4. Mediate on positive things of your journey
  5. Speak those things that are of encouragement
  6. The end is closer than you think

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We may not understand the process of the journey whether it is a loss of job, death of a love one or being displaced from your home. Stay the course this too shall pass. Better days are coming and you will understand everything in the end.

by Rev. Dean Richards


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