Commanding Your Morning

Commanding Your Morning


I recently came across the book Commanding Your Morning by Cindy Trimm, courtesy of a really good friend.  As I read this book, it became very apparent that God has commanded His children to arise early, (long before the day begins), and to command or to take authority and dominion over their days.  Jesus is a perfect example of one who arose early in the morning to seek solitude with His Father before His day began.

What does commanding your day do for a Child of God?  It sets the tone for your day. It is based on declarations that you speak into the atmosphere based on the Word of God.  You are speaking into the spiritual realm and literally calling those things that be not as though they were.  And you are telling the enemy and all other forces of evil that you are in control of your day….not them!

I have found meeting with God way before my household arises great.  It is not only about me bringing my requests to Abba, but a time of quiet where He can speak to me.  My challenge to you….arise early and command your day, and watch the supernatural take place in your life!

by Sherry Parker


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