Destroying Roots!

Destroying Roots!

Destroying Roots!© eliaskordelakos -
My husband enjoys gardening which in my opinion requires patients and a love for the outdoors to get this task done. I observe how he finds peace in being surrounded by the beauty of nature.  I can also see his frustration when he encounters roots.  What may look like a simple weed actually has attached to it a root which can cause damage if not uprooted.

In life we encounter circumstances that can leave us feeling discouraged, fearful, anxious or even angry.  If these emotions are not dealt with they can take root in our lives, and be harmful not only to ourselves, but also in our relationships.

I remember going through a period in my marriage when I became quite frustrated with my husband.  In my eyes nothing he did was right and I felt I had to do everything.  It came to the point where I started belittling his character and the arguments became intense.  I began to pray to God to change my husband where he would lead and not be led.  Well….God flipped the script he showed me that my frustrations stemmed from my understanding of the role of a husband.  When I was growing up, my father was in control of the affairs of the home leaving my mother to have minimal say.  Therefore I was expecting my husband to do the same.  God needed to show me the root of my problem before it destroyed my marriage.

Roots are hidden and destructive.  What are the roots in your life that need to be uprooted?

Jacqueline Richards

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