It Will Not Come Near You

It Will Not Come Near You

“A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you”
Psalm 91:7

As a society, we are bombarded constantly with news of disasters, accidents, sickness, plagues, and calamities. I remember one night watching the news and within 10 minutes of the broadcast, I asked my husband to turn the channel because the reports were that of “death and doom”.

How do we as Believers stay informed with world events, without internalizing them? PSALM 91 is our answer. It is the only chapter in the entire Bible where you can locate all of God’s promises of protection from every sort of disaster. He promises protection from the enemy, from deadly sicknesses and diseases, from plagues, calamities, and accidents. He says that we will see thousands falling at our sides, but it will not approach us. He promises deliverance, and gives us Angels who watch over us. He gives us power to tread upon the enemy and a long and satisfying life will He give. What a loving God we serve!

Believers, it is very easy to forget these marvelous promises of our God. We live in a world that operates on fear. We are somehow conditioned to believe that negative circumstances are the norm. But they are not, at least not for the Children of God. My challenge to you is to read Psalm 91 with your spiritual eyes. And everyday, plead these promises over your lives and your families. I promise you….you will not regret it!

by Sherry Parker

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