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I recently had a conversation with my 10 year old daughter, where she asked me how you hear from God.  I proceeded to tell her that we can hear him when we worship, when we pray and when we read his word.

Being able to hear him also requires us to drown out the noises of the pressures of everyday life, which can cause to act on our own, rather than wait on God.

Proverbs 3:5-6(KJV) encourages us to trust in Lord and not lean onto our own understanding.  So when we think we are not hearing from God, he is working things out in his own time, because his timing is perfect.

I remember going through a season of financial struggle, didn’t understand what was happening, but was learning to rely heavily on God. We had bills that were due by the end of the month, and funds were tight. My husband and I had decided that credit was not going to be an option. So we prayed Philippians 4:19(KJV) which spoke about God meeting all our needs.  As fear started to creep in, I pressed in harder to God and I could hear the Holy Spirit tell me that I was not given a spirit of fear…(2 Timothy 1:7).  I can happily testify that by the end of the month, someone had blessed us financially and our needs were met.  Even though my trust had waivered, I am glad that God saw my imperfections and loved me enough to bless me.

Listen! Do not let your circumstances block your hearing. It’s God’s voice that you need to change your situation, not that of the world.

by Jacqueline Richards


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