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Dean and Jacqueline Richards

Reverend Dean Richards a former youth Pastor and his wife Jacqueline a former educational assistant who specializes in Behavioral Management, are compassionate and caring in their approach in serving others. Over 20 years of ministry they have seen many impacted by challenging circumstances. As a result Covenant Remnant Ministries and The Manna Initiative were birthed. With their passion to lead and guide others to their purpose they have developed practical strategies built on biblical foundations. Their goal is to see individuals achieve, believe and conquer! Rev. Dean and Jacqueline reside in Toronto, Canada with their three children.

Rohan Stoby

He has been corporate trainer and presenter for many home based businesses. Rohan is currently working as a consultant, mentor and business coach with individuals that need directions in financial matters and in starting up their own business. With his life experiences, he also does life coaching. He enjoys sharing information with people and helping people to succeed in their personal lives and their business lives.


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