The Value System

The Value System

In April of 2013, I attended a course called History Makers Training; during one of the sessions I was asked what my values are?  This question stunned me only because I actually had to think about something which I have never really given any thought to.  I grew up being told to be respectful, honest and trustworthy.  Now, at this moment, it was no longer what I was taught, it’s about what I thought. Values build character, without it, we can get corrupted by what is placed on us according to the world’s standards. The value system© vege -

In my opinion the world’s value system is based on money, prestige and power.  This system can make it difficult for us to honour our own values, if we do not have something in place for ourselves.  However God’s value system is based on love, faith and relationship.  Attributes which represent God himself.

In Genesis 38 Joseph was placed in a situation where his values were tested.  His boss’s wife had made sexual advances towards him, but Joseph’s response showed his integrity.  “My master has withheld nothing from me except you, because you are his wife….” Joseph could have taken his position for granted and given in to the demands of Potiphar’s wife, but he had values within which enabled him to withstand the value system of the world. Standing up for what you believe in can come at a price.

Has the world’s value system placed you in a position to think less of yourself?  It could be something from your past or a present situation. Your circumstances may say as a woman you will never amount to much.  I encourage that when God created you, you were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).  Now that’s something to value.

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