Unplugged-Feelings of Empitness

Unplugged-Feelings of Empitness

Have you ever stood in a crowded area, and looked at the faces of people around you and wondered; what people might be thinking of or going through?  How many of us put on a brave face to hide what’s really going on inside of us; the emptiness of feeling alone in our situation.  We live in a society where it’s every man for himself or survival of the fittest.

Life can bring us many challenges, that can leave us feeling drained or should I say unplugged.  We lack the energy or power source to move forward.  I want to let you know that Jesus wants to be your power source.  In John 10:10 Jesus states, “the thief comes to steal kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life and have it full.”

I remember going through a period in my life where I needed affirmation.  To hear that I did well wasn’t good enough.  It came to the point where if I didn’t receive praise for a kind act that I had shown toward someone, I became angry and felt unappreciated.  I was like a cracked tea cup, the praise that I tried to fill myself with was never enough, it just continued to seep through my soul.  My behaviour was one of emptiness that was affecting my relationships.  The feelings I had, stemmed from a time in my childhood when I experienced rejection.  God healed me from insecurity when I finally came to the realization that His love for me was all I needed to feel self worth.

Feelings of loneliness, rejection or shame to name a few, will leave you feeling powerless.  Let Jesus be your power source, he wants to energize you to do the good works, which he prepared in advanced for you to do.


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