What is God Waiting On?

What is God Waiting On?

If you are like me….you have asked God this question “God what are you waiting on? I have obeyed and done what you have asked me although unconventional and still what you have promised me has not fully manifested itself in my life. What’s up God?”

I have been discovering in my walk with God, my performance is not required to make Him move on my behalf.  In fact what makes Him move is me fully trusting in His promises to me and me laboring to rest in Him.  This simple act of faith is what makes Him move because we have ceased performing and relying on self effort.

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Because our God is a good God who delights in the prosperity of His children, He is there to help us with this act of resting in Him.  All we need to do is call upon Him, and He will help us.  He will not fail us.  So if you are waiting on God for something, and it seems as if He is not answering you, I encourage you to ask yourself this question “Am I resting in His promises to me or am I always doing thinking the more I do, the quicker He will answer me?” Then release and rest….watch your miracle happen!

by Sherry Parker

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