Many individuals have had someone or something hurt them. As a result wounds occur and cause damage to our spirit, soul (mind), and body. In many cases we as human beings tend to hold on to these wounds because we feel justified.  Holding on to old wounds may last for years until we realize that it has affect other areas of our lives….which quite often it does.

Personally, I have experienced this. I have felt that I was justified in holding onto something that someone had done to me. The person had said that I was not worth it, not a good person good person because of poor choices I had made in the past. I held on to that comment and wounds caused for years until the wounds began to affect my relationship with others. Let us be aware wounds resonate from somewhere and many are not aware where the source comes from.

Here are some of areas’ to be aware of in recognizing wounds.

1. Perception: The person’s body language can indicate that their approach will result in an offence towards the other individual.

2. Mind: The person may have taken in mentally the negative response (offence) that has remained.

3. Speech: The power of words coupled with the individual’s body language (perception) may directly lead the person to internalize what has done to hurt him/her.

 Your strategy:

  1. Some facts about Satan | Photo © olly - Fotolia.comWhat an individual perceives through a person’s actions can be read in many ways, but there needs to be a level of understanding regarding where the action came from (root cause) and what the individual perceives, should not reflect their outlook on life.
  2. Mediate on area’s that will lead to progression. There is no time to think on negative comments. God made us with a mind to mediate on positive things that will lead us to progress.
  3. Finally speak positive words of affirmation that will propel you to purpose and destiny. The LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners to set free.” Isaiah 61:1(NIV)

I pray today that whatever has happened to you in your past that has caused your wounds will no longer be a part of you present or future. Jesus loves you and wants to free you from these wounds but first you must recognize what they are so you can be set free. Release your hurt today and live a life in FREEDOM.


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